Project Summary

Cleveland Construction, Inc. was the general contractor for the new 2-story Indian Land High School, located in Lancaster County, South Carolina. The new high school sits on 93 acres of land and is 341,158 square feet of space.

A1 Glass & Aluminum was hired to install all of the curtain wall and storefront on the exterior and interior of the school. The team ran into delays due to the original door hardware but finished the project in March 2021. 


  • OBE Reliance Curtain Wall (2 ½” X 7 ¼”)
  • OBE FG6000T Center Set Storefront (2” X 6”)
  • OBE FG2000 Center Set Storefront (1 ¾” X 4 ½”)
  • CR Lawrence D2203A Sliding Windows.
  • ¼” Clear Tempered
  • ¼” Spandrel
  • 1” IG Unit SNX 62/27
  • 9/16” Laminated Glass
  • 1” Insulated Panel
  • 1” Transparent Glass

Our Work

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